GuruPlug USB Boot

Here’s how to allow your GuruPlug to boot from a USB drive. You’ll need an access to the serial console to achieve this, the JTAG module is OK.

To connect to the bootloader, proceed exactly like for the Sheevaplug Reset the GuruPlug. At the terminal, press enter a couple of seconds after boot to . . . → Read More: GuruPlug USB Boot

Install OpenSips on Debian Lenny 5.0

Lets put this one down as well. It is a very straight forward procedure using apt-get and the opensips repo.

First edit apt sources file and add the new repo

nano /etc/apt/sources.list deb lenny main

Run an Update

apt-get update apt-get upgrade

Download the Prerequisits

apt-get install gcc bison flex make openssl libmysqlclient-dev . . . → Read More: Install OpenSips on Debian Lenny 5.0

Sipura back-to-back Config

Sipura back-to-back Config

This will allow the FXO connection of an SPA3000 to be accessed from another SPA unit connected to a network somewhere. Incoming calls on the SPA3000 FXO will be forwarded to the other Sipura unit (called the “remote SPA” in this example). No registrations will be used, the communications will be . . . → Read More: Sipura back-to-back Config

GuruPlug – Asterisk – FreePBX HOWTO


I am doing a bit of pinch, snip and saw here but in the end I added the script that does it all for you and your Guruplug.

The GuruPlug

Basically the GuruPlugs are an enhanced version of the well known SheevaPlugs, the biggest difference is probably the need for an external JTAG/UART<>RS232 board to access the serial console. Good thing is that the board comes with a normal JTAG connector and an additional RS232 connector and 2.5V DC power outlet, so it will be useful for other devices, too. Globalscale could have chosen different connectors with less wiggly cables, though.

As I was not able to find a useful howto about installing Debian on the Guruplug, I’ve written down what I did to install Debian unstable on a micro SD card using the Debian installer for the GuruPlug. I did not have a look who modified the Debian installer to work on the plug, but thanks for that! The instructions below are based on Martin Michlmayer’s awesome SheevaPlug documentation, the hints from and various forum posts in the plugforum. Continue reading GuruPlug – Asterisk – FreePBX HOWTO