Flash Openwrt Attitude Adjustment on jjPlus JA76PF2

Preparation and installation of OpenWrt on the router jjPlus JA76PF02

Installing from console with serial connection

You should:

  • Shut down  the board
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the router’s (WAN port) and the other end to your computer
  • Set the address of the network card on your computer to
  • Run a TFTPD server and put in its root the files openwrt-ar71xx-generic-ja76pf2-kernel.bin and openwrt-ar71xx-generic-ja76pf2-rootfs-squashfs.bin
  • Start the tftpd server
  • Connect the serial cable to the board
  • Start a serial terminal with parameters 8 n 1 115200
  • Turn on the board
  • and hit Ctrl-C to stop at the bootloader’s command line.  Now you are in RedBoot

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GuruPlug USB Boot

Here’s how to allow your GuruPlug to boot from a USB drive. You’ll need an access to the serial console to achieve this, the JTAG module is OK.

To connect to the bootloader, proceed exactly like for the Sheevaplug Reset the GuruPlug. At the terminal, press enter a couple of seconds after boot to . . . → Read More: GuruPlug USB Boot

Open-Mesh Revisited

Well after my first attempts with those little white boxes, along came the OpenWRT-Linux guru of our net to point out that most of the ways i tried to tackle problems are things of the past for OpenWRT.  As a matter of fact i think that most of the problems i am trying to tackle under Linux are me own patchwork around my ignorance to some new developments or ways around things. But hey this is the deal. Attempt and right the wrongs by great collaboration and good friends. So lets say thanx to Vasilis Tsiligiannis for all the help and guidance he provided in rewriting and perfecting the script we needed. Continue reading Open-Mesh Revisited

Open-Mesh! Let the games Begin!

Being so preoccupied with other wi-fi architectures and deployments, I failed to catch up to the meshing Craze. Yes its true that for speedy wifi nets you need the directional antennas, the best and fastest SBCs or X86s, various optimizations and tens of other detains. On the other hand when you move closer to the ground, you different issues. To deliver signal to users you really need something better, more clever than a dozen of WDS devices. The truth is that mesh configs with OLSR and BATMAN really shine in Hotspot conditions and outperform older solutions. Continue reading Open-Mesh! Let the games Begin!

Installing OpenWrt on the Seagate DockStarInstalling OpenWrt on the Seagate DockStar

Eric Cooper <ecc@cmu.edu> July 2010 Introduction

This document describes how to install an OpenWrt kernel and rootfs on the internal NAND flash of the Seagate DockStar so that it will boot into OpenWrt at power-on, with no USB storage device required.

The main method presented here does not require opening the case or attaching . . . → Read More: Installing OpenWrt on the Seagate DockStarInstalling OpenWrt on the Seagate DockStar

GuruPlug – Asterisk – FreePBX HOWTO


I am doing a bit of pinch, snip and saw here but in the end I added the script that does it all for you and your Guruplug.

The GuruPlug

Basically the GuruPlugs are an enhanced version of the well known SheevaPlugs, the biggest difference is probably the need for an external JTAG/UART<>RS232 board to access the serial console. Good thing is that the board comes with a normal JTAG connector and an additional RS232 connector and 2.5V DC power outlet, so it will be useful for other devices, too. Globalscale could have chosen different connectors with less wiggly cables, though.

As I was not able to find a useful howto about installing Debian on the Guruplug, I’ve written down what I did to install Debian unstable on a micro SD card using the Debian installer for the GuruPlug. I did not have a look who modified the Debian installer to work on the plug, but thanks for that! The instructions below are based on Martin Michlmayer’s awesome SheevaPlug documentation, the hints from oinkzwurgl.org/guruplug and various forum posts in the plugforum. Continue reading GuruPlug – Asterisk – FreePBX HOWTO