What Is This?

This is a personal notepad if you like. Its not meant to be read by anyone and no one is expected to find it useful.

If you came across this, then consider your self lucky or unlucky for the fact.

This is just a personal corner for jotting stuff I do and I come across everyday. Stuff i need to put down on paper or need to take notes off.

I meant to do this for ages but never got to it, so there is a ton of other stuff that is missing from here, are incomplete, or just plain old.

Feel free to find this space useful or just walk away.


NOTE: Most of the literature found on this site is just cut paste articles found on the net or in documents i read through. I do not take credit or own those in anyway unless i specify the opposite in the article. People that need or want me to take down articles due to copyright or for any personal reason, please contact me and i will do so if the request sounds reasonable. After all this blog is for my personal reference Only.